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It’s nearly impossible to get away from the NFL during the season, with positive and negative story lines from the off-season carrying over into week 1. This brings us back to the off-season again where the NFL is again dominating the headlines with everything that’s going on with free agency. One of the greatest ironies is that until the next Super Bowl champions are crowned and next season is in the books, we really won’t know good or bad any FA signing actually is. That’s not going to stop us from speculating though and every expert and blogger and fan on message boards has chimed in.



A week has gone by and poor old Philly fans are beside themselves, like that family you see on the news sifting through what’s left of their trailer home after a big storm has hit. They’ve lost everything, and have no idea where they’ll go from here. Trading LeSean McCoy has created such an uproar, that most Philly fans had no idea how much cap room was created and who they would get with all that extra cash. The incessant whining was historic and several locals needed to be talked off the ledge at the thought of the McCoy who led the league in rushing 2 years ago was discarded. Instead the Eagles got two RBs for the price of one including the leading rusher from last year. Both Ryan Matthews and Demarco Murray were signed and with Darren Sproles give the Eagles extra ordinary depth at RB. With Jeremy Maclin gone to the Chiefs, Jordan Matthews is the guy in Phildelphia to catch a ball that needs to be caught. They’ll draft another WR at pick 20 in the first round, but Matthews is ready to make the move to super stardom. Sam Bradford does have a 3500 yard and 20 TD season under his belt, and if he stays healthy he’s a top 10 QB and will have better numbers than Nick Foles. He was also the driving force behind the Murray signing so Philly fans need to pay him some respect. On the defensive side the Eagles snatched two former SB champions in Byron Maxwell and Walter Thurmond. Perhaps the typical Philly fan doesn’t know how good they are and they were purchased with money freed up from getting rid of McCoy. If you’re keeping track at home that’s 50% of the Legion of Boom from Seattle now wearing a slightly different shade of green. The two DBs along with Kiko Alonso acquired in the trade for McCoy instantly make Philadelphia a top 5 defense.

As for McCoy, he’s still got some tread on his tires, and will get the rock 25 times per game and have 7-8 targets per game in the passing game. His offensive line is worse in Buffalo, but Rex Ryan loves to run but its likely that McCoy will never duplicate his season from two years ago. This is a big win for Philadelphia so get down off that ledge Philly fan and trust that “Chip” on your shoulder.



Former Miami Hurricane teammates Andre Johnson and Frank Gore signed with the Indianapolis Colts this week… eww…Everyone loves these acquisitions, but why? Andre Johnson was good, but there’s no upgrade here since they just let go of Reggie Wayne, pretty much the same player from a production standpoint. Andrew Luck had plenty of weapons already and Ahmed Bradshaw would’ve been fine in that offense. Frank Gore was part of some extremely complex running schemes, in San Francisco a team that was committed to the run and had a QB that was a threat to run on every play. Luck does not pose the same threat and Gore’s skills are marginalized playing with a QB that can throw it around. If wins are awarded for experience and veteran leadership, Gore and Johnson should be high value targets, but now they are just a couple of old dudes who run slower and jump lower than they did 5 years ago, but who have secured multi year deals and some guaranteed money. The Colts needed help on defense and a lot of it and people are shaking their heads at the Eagles.

The greatest part of all this, is that free agency is not even close to being over. There are still some names out there, and as the draft gets closer trades almost a guarantee. No one know for sure exactly what’s going to happen, but rest assured we will all scrutinize the life out of it. Bring on the draft!!



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