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If you’re a football fan, you have most likely got committed at least some thought to who you think is going to play in the Super Bowl. You have your favorite team, the hottest team, the best team and the team you are secretly pulling for, with teams changing depending on where in the country you reside. Congratulations, you are a football fan, and you’ll get your answer soon enough, but what do your eyeballs tell you. Let’s put all of our biases aside for just a few moments and closely examine realistically who will be playing in the Super Bowl.


Taking a look at the last few Super Bowl winners is very telling, considering the teams with the best regular season seldom win it all. The 2014 Seahawks and 2013 Ravens simply got hot at the right time. The same can be said for the Packers and Giants how won it the two prior years. For whatever reason these teams remain off everyone’s radars in the middle of the season, but then collectively figure things out as the season wears on. In the NFC, there is not hotter team than the Seattle Seahawks. They have gotten healthy at the right time, and have overcome early adversity. They are the king of the mountain in the best defensive division in the NFL, and they are as healthy as they’ve been all season. Once they secure the #1 seed, their home field advantage, combined with their experience from last year should allow them to sail into the finals. Naturally this is the NFL and anything can happen, but your eyeballs should tell you that there is not a more balanced team in the NFL, and there isn’t a more dominant defense. Russell Wilson plays every game with one less elephant on his back than his opponent’s QB. He simply has to get the ball up the field for first downs and points, while his defense takes care of the rest. Teams have known for two years that stopping the run is the way to game plan against them, but no one has been able to it, and it’s likely no team in the NFC will figure it out either.


The AFC SB representative isn’t nearly as obvious. Denver is likely going to have to travel to Foxboro, to visit the Patriots for what figures to be another epic battle between Tom Brady and Peyton Manning and with the Patriots easily handling their business earlier in the season the outcome of the AFC Championship game is predictable right? Maybe not, Denver is still more proficient on offense and their defense is younger and healthier. This same scenario played out last season as well and though Denver had home field advantage, it was clear that they were much more prepared, and game planned their way to what seemed to be an easy victory. Manning’s ratios have slipped a little, but he will have a healthy Julius Thomas, Emmanuel Sander and a consistent running game, and he’s still Peyton Manning. Look for Denver to pull this victory out in what amounts to be a frustrating offensive output for the Patriots. Consequently you can expect a similar result in the Super Bowl as well, as Manning simply can’t handle the pressure the Seahawks will bring again. The opening snap won’t go through the end zone and Percy Harvin isn’t there to return a TD, so Seattle should probably win by about 17 points. Seahawks 34-17.



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