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Make no mistake, NFL fans are far and away the best professional sports fan in the free world. In no sport does a fan base battle traffic, parking and crowds to show up hours before the game to eat in a parking lot out of the trunk of an SUV while over paying for everything in the process. Then rain or shine proceeding to the game walking at times in excess of a mile to the stadium where the majority of fans are going to hike to the top of the stadium to find their seats.   From there they will likely need to deploy binoculars if they hope to see any game action, while drinking a $9.00 beer or $4.00 bottle of water. It’s ok though, because one simple misstep will cause you to fall down a set of ungraciously littered cement stairs to the lower level, where you may get a better view of the game if you don’t die. If you’re in the lower level, congratulations you just paid $200 for your experience, but its NFL football, so it’s worth every penny. This dedication should be recognized so let take a closer at the widely debated best fan bases of the NFL.


Part historic and part of this is due to the electric and dedicated following across the country. Most of the credit however likely needs to be given to the Rooney family who has built a solid franchise over the last few decades. A franchise that is committed to its players and coaches, and whose fan base is knowledgeable, dedicated and embodies all that the blue collar dominated city of Pittsburgh stands for. Results on the field aside you can count on seeing a universal waving of the terrible towel at Heinz Field every Sunday.

New York Giants


With the biggest seating capacity in the NFL any fan base that makes the trip to a dumpster fire of a state like New Jersey to watch their team play demands recognition. This franchise is well run, well accomplished, and has a realistic fan base that travels well. Their team websites get over one million visitors per day and with all the pro sports in New York – Giants football games are always well attended and celebrated.

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The PACKERS who are run by their share holders have opted not to contract out a snow removal company to remove snow on game days. Instead they lobby to their fan base to come to Lambeau field and shovel the field themselves “to help the team”. These fans are lining up to do this in frigid temperatures. The fans fill up the 2nd biggest and 2nd oldest stadium the NFL and they unashamedly wear blocks of cheese on their head. Those traditions, combined with others like the Lambeau leap make this the most polarizing fan base in the NFL.



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