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OA launches Elite Play Sports

We recently finished working along side Elite Play to launch them into the marketplace. EP specialises in delivering smiles to faces through a range of after school care programs.

Based out of Melbourne, Australia they have already started to establish growth in school sport. We assisted them in the build out of there website and enabling a payment system.

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Elite Play is dedicated to delivering smiles on kids faces and improving their fitness and coordination.

Our passion comes from watching kids develop and grow in many areas. The Elite Play program acts as a catalyst for both physical and mental development. In an environment that looks to nurture your children, we take solace in knowing that your kids leave our program happy, confident and ready to take on anything the world throws at them.

There are two programs that are currently up and running at Elite Play. These are our After-School Sport Program and our School Sport Consulting Program. Please keep an eye out for our School Holiday Programs and our Sunday Skills Sessions, which will be available shortly.


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